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to design and develop an interactive and dynamic AMP email
to launch an expert communication channel for you and your audience and ramp up your subscriber base
to analyze clear reports and demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of email marketing
to run effective email marketing and increase your audience loyalty
to devise an email marketing strategy for your business
to develop a ready-made email template that can be used for email campaigns
AMP email
is the latest technology in email marketing. It makes it possible to make interactive and dynamic emails. The user can place an order directly from the email, view images and much more.
We build an interactive and dynamic AMP email
Want to use interactive dynamic emails? Let professionals build it for you! After consultation, and a needs and goals analysis, we build a tailored AMP email for you and your team. The features are customizable: buttons, images, videos, calls-to-action, etc. Your company will be one of the first to send interactive emails to its subscribers. AMP emails provide interactivity, usability, and increase transaction processing speed.
Email marketing from scratch
Never run email campaigns before? This solution isfor you!
Weplan and run your email marketing. Weinitiate the communication with your customers byemail.
You get a fully functional email marketing system
We first launch an additional communication channel for you and your audience, deploy a system for attracting new subscribers and revitalize your existing base. We then integrate email campaigns into your business processes and increase audience loyalty steadily and sustainably.
There is no "job well done" without results! And so, we provide clear solid reports to correct or demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of your email marketing solutions implemented.
We track the effectiveness of emails
We deploy an end-to-end analytics system for a detailed report on customer actions. We bring together the key metrics of email marketing, web analytics, CRM, and other data. You don't need to master the technical features, as we provide you with clear reports on the open and click rates of your campaigns.
Email Marketing Support
Unsure of the efficiency of your email marketing? Unlock our expertise and help! We analyze how the mailing system works in your business systems. We fix holes and improve the processes where necessary. We develop or adjust your strategy and test different approaches.
We perfect your email marketing efficiency
We custom-design emails for your company, increase the number of subscribers, and provide statistics. Your dedicated team of professionals work on your project: project manager, marketer, copywriter, designer, layout designer, and analyst.
Email Marketing Strategy
Your project is brilliant but you don't know how to reach your audience? Let us help you grow your business!
We listen to you and start by setting clear tangible goals and determining the optimal development direction for your channel. Our strategy will save you unnecessary experiments and searches, and eventually time and money. Email strategy is a long-term plan to boost sales and audience loyalty, and solidify the brand.
First, we draft a clear step-by-step email marketing plan
Upon consultation, and a needs and goals analysis, we develop an email marketing strategy tailored to your business needs and goals. This takes approximately a month.
Email Master Template
Simply need email master templates? Get them from the best!
We develop a ready-made email template to fit your very needs. The template demonstrates maximum flexibility for your team to be able to easily implement their ideas in your email campaigns.
We build the core template, you edit as you go and send out your best designed emails ever
The master template gives your team the flexibility necessary to conduct rich, creative and effective email campaigns. This is a great solution if you create and run email campaigns yourself.
The master template complies with your corporate style, speeds up the process of creating emails, and allows you to create emails that are different in structure and content.
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